Location: Manly, NSW

TCA was invited to submit an urban renewal proposal to Manly Council for the Whistler Street Market site. The brief was an open ended question asking how to best integrate an existing prominent and brutal eight-storey car park structure and idiosyncratic library within a public domain proposal.

The site is a wedge of poorly programmed space formed by the convergence of Manly’s two predominant urban grids, potentially wellconnected to a fine grain pedestrian network of pedestrian streets, lanes and arcades. A textural polychromatic paving strategy, materially inspired by Manly’s rich historic masonry architectural fabric, was applied to unify and connect with the existing public domain.

The Proposal sought to activate the public square by wrapping the library around the existing car park structure to engage with thesquare, and included additional programme appropriate to activation of the proposed Whistler Street Market. The hard monolithic quality of the car-park was de-materialised through layering of textured screens and fragmentation of its form.