Town Hall Square Precinct Urban Design Strategy


Location: Sydney, NSW
Date Completed: 2009

The Town Hall Precinct is home to some of Sydney’s most significant heritage sandstone architecture, including the neo-Gothic Cathedral of St Andrew, and the flamboyant high Victorian Town Hall and Queen Victoria Building. Its central location within the city means that it is also a place of intense and dynamic movement, with George and Park Streets being the major traffic arteries across the CBD. The intensity of this traffic is in direct conflict with Council’s vision for the heart of the city being a place of culture and social interaction with high pedestrian amenity connected to public transport networks.

In 1985 the City of Sydney embarked on a strategy to acquire properties in the block bounded by Pitt, George, Park and Bathurst Streets, with a long-term vision to create a new public square opposite the Sydney Town Hall.

Sydney City Council has commissioned this Urban Design Study to assist in developing further understanding of the key issues and opportunities that will influence creation of a new civic square opposite

Town Hall in central Sydney. TCA has significant experience in relation to the project being winners of the 2000 Town Hall Precinct Urban Design Competition and contributor to the Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy.