Location: Sydney, NSW

Our initial concept was based on refining three primary elements that were to be repeated through each item of furniture, and in doing so bring cohesion to the suite. This concept was based on achieving an economy of scale with the three primary elements that allowed us to layer each element with a richness of detail and materiality that brought beauty and depth to the individual furniture items and the suite as a whole.

 In developing the design we discovered that, although the initial concept could bring overall formal cohesion to the suite we were asking the primary elements to perform very different structural roles in each furniture item. As a consequence we were inevitably over-designing the structure for half of the suite to suit the other half.

Therefore structural logic dictated that the furniture suite had to mature from the initial concept as this is where the true economy and sustainability could be found.

However the structural logic was not enough in itself to provide the beauty and richness that we thought the primary elements of the initial concept could become, so we further refined the design to incorporate a bronze frame.

We chose bronze because it does have the depth and richness that we wanted from the initial concept. Bronze is a natural material with a natural finish that has the enduring quality and robustness that any furniture suite needs in the public domain.

Bronze is however a more expensive and precious a material. So from there we developed a standardised section that is based on the fabrication limitations of bronze. We made it the minimum thickness we could make it in a casting, we made it the minimum overall section depth we could make it to perform the structural task we were asking it to perform where it needs to perform it.

Where the section depth is sufficient in itself to support a rain hood or the frame of a tree guard we were able to employ it efficiently and sparingly, where we need the structural frame to support a person leaning we added a facet at the point of structural weakness, thickening the section making it capable of supporting greater loads. Where we need the structural frame to support a person sitting or a teenager jumping up and down we pared the framed and effectively doubled its capacity.

The concept therefore evolved with the structure and the material working together unifying the suite. The cohesive language of the structure, and the demure beauty inherent in the bronze.