Crown, Baptist and Cleaveland Intersection Masterplan


Location: Surry Hills, NSW
Date Completed: 2011

In early 2011 TCA undertook a Masterplan study of the precinct surrounding the Crown + Cleveland + Baptist Street intersection in Surry Hills.

The issues affecting the precinct ranged from areas that require upgrade and general removal of street clutter, to the aggressive traffic barrier and division that divides the precinct along Cleveland Street. Also identified were potential new projects that could rejuvenate parts of the study area that are currently under-utilised / under realised in their potential.

The Masterplan consisted of a 3 phase project:
1. Analysis and Mapping
2. Feasibility Study
3. Identification of Project Suite

The project concluded in late 2011 with the formation of the Masterplan and a public exhibition of a suite of 12 public domain projects that were staged over a 3 year period to match the City of Sydney’s budget allocation.

Since completing the Masterplan TCA have been engaged to deliver the detailed design and documentation of a number of the early works public domain projects including:

  • Cleveland Street power + communications rationalisation.
  • Cleveland Street paving and landscaping
  • Baptist Street paving and landscaping
  • STA bus stop rationalisation