Location: Waterloo, NSW

The site for this development is located in a rapidly transforming part of Green Square approximately 2.5 km south of Central Sydney and within easy, level walking distance of the Green Square Railway Station.

The proposed building footprint is relatively conventional and contributes to the creation of a legible public domain through street edge definition and permeability to the open areas within the site.

Two large communal courtyards are separated by an internal wing that naturally aligns with the western end of the adjacent residential development.

The ground level lobbies have been evenly spaced around the street frontages to further enhance the sense of intimacy and individual identity for residents.



The primary facade design was carefully considered to meet our client’s brief requirement for a precast external wall system. The proposal is for merely three panel forms to deliver the sort of distinctive and varied character that one might associate with a more bespoke construction method.

Primary building elements are divided by deeply recessed, simple, horizontal ‘living bridges’ spanning between buildings to create the first order of street rhythm and frame two-storey high views from the public domain into the communal gardens.

The sense of rhythm on the street is further enhanced by a second order of articulation created by the uniting of solid stacks of the building with strongly pronounced angled parapet walls. Naturally recessive elements of the building are grouped an enhanced by strongly breaking the parapet to emulate genuine breaks between these positive building elements. The result is a rich and appropriately scaled roof silhouette. This is a key design tactic that contributes to the proposed articulation and expression of the buildings within the public domain.