Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Pool


Location: Woolloomooloo, NSW

The Boy Charlton Pool situated along the western flank of Woolloomooloo Bay has been a highly valued public recreation facility in Sydney since its construction in the early nineteenth century.

The City Council sponsored an open two-stage design competition for its re-development, as the pool structure was in advance stages of decay and had to be closed for reasons of public safety.

TCA were successful in reaching the second stage of the competition, with a low impact proposal that retained the pool in its original location and modified the existing clubhouse/ changerooms to a more contemporary character.

A key idea was to skin the linear pool structure with a visually permeable curved screen of re-cycled timber, suggestive of the sailing ships and a wreck that existed on the site and was used by locals as a swimming structure prior to construction of the original facility.

The screen element integrated a lowered seating and sunbaking area to preserve views across to the water from the heritage landscape behind.